You…Yes You…Get Up.

“I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” sound familiar? I would hope so… have you ever been knocked down? If you said no then I am truly impressed and I must know your secret, so please do comment below if you said no to that question.

Chances are you said yes though, we all have been knocked down in some way, shape or form. Whether it be emotionally, physically or even spiritually we all have felt the thud of failure, mistakes and bad decisions. Remember this though they say that if you don’t have mistakes then you aren’t trying hard enough, but on the contrary they say mistakes mean you are trying. So either way looks to me like you have not laid down and threw your hands up quite yet and if you have well hopefully I can inspire you to get back up and get back to it.

Do NOT give up, do NOT lay down and let the world trample you and most importantly do NOT let that stinky ole’ good for nothing devil rejoice in your defeat, him or his little henchman for that matter. They have absolutely no right to rejoice when you fall, because you cannot be defeated with God and His angels beside you.

Every day we can fly or fall, run or stumble, walk or lay down. We can keep trying or we can give up. I know it is hard injuries happen, mean words are said, actions are done, people say ridiculous things without thinking about it. Offenses will come, failures will fall, bad tastes in your mouth will happen.  Grab some Listerine and keep pushing forward.


Lindsay 🙂


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