I AM…Perfectly Me

I am tall, I am quiet, I am sarcastic, I love God, family, country and corps. I stand up for the bullied and love the unloved. I speak my mind when the time is correct, but I first listen to the situation before me. I believe there is nothing I cannot do with God beside me. I will not back down from my dreams no matter what everyone says. I will be a role model to people of all ages, because that is who I am. I will not let the things of this world influence me. I will stand up for what I believe is right and true, because that is how I was raised and I choose to live this life. I am… perfectly me.

I may not be perfect, I may not have it all together, but I am putting my best foot forward and holding tight to the promises God has spoken in His Word. I might not always say the right thing at the right time. I may have a stern face when I should instead wear a smile. I may laugh when I should cry, or cry when I should keep a strong face.

I am human… I will mess up, I will offend you, I will say something that you don’t agree with and thats ok, judge me for me if you must, but you don’t know what I may be going through at that moment just like I may not know what you are going through.

I will be there when you call, lift you up when you fall and do everything in my power to help you, because that is what I am called to do, I may not have all the money in the world or possessions, but I have something greater, something worth more then every currency in the world and every high dollar item on the market. Your words may hurt me, but God give me the strength to forgive you and turn the other cheek. You are my brother or sister, my friend, my family the one I stand up for when the rest of the world may turn their back on you.

I have a God who loves me more than life itself, He gave up His life willingly so I could live free of my sin, and have forgiveness for all the wrong I have ever done and will do. No matter how far I may stray He is always calling me back to His arms. Because of Him I show joy, because of Him I can face the day with a smile on my face, because of Him I know I can make it to my goals and dreams. I know I can strive for a dream because He has given me the ability to achieve it. Not to just dream it, to do it. He has picked me up, dusted me off, healed my hurts and dried my tears. He has embraced me, He has comforted me and He has set my feet back on the rock.

It is Him that it is greater then all the possessions in the world and every amount of money. It is the peace and understanding He surrounds me with, the joy I feel when I see the beauty of His creation and fellowship with other believers. It is the knowledge that no matter how rough the road may get, He is there.

I am single, I am honest, I am trustworthy, I enjoy photography, drawing and writing. I love music especially instrumentals, I love Jiu Jitsu and other Martial Arts, Basketball, Volleyball. I enjoy community service whether that be Special Olympics, Habitat for Humanity or whatever.  I am strong minded, independent and confident in who I am. Not because I am stuck up or snobby, but because I am who my Heavenly Father says I am…

Who are you… are you perfectly you? Or are you who the world says you are? Who does God say you are?

Think about it, God Bless

Lindsay 🙂



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