A dream is a wish your heart makes, when your fast asleep.

Walt Disney couldn’t have wrote it better, then the above title. “A DREAM is a WISH your heart  makes, when your fast asleep.” Have you ever had those dreams you wake up and were like if only that was real! Then again there are those crazy dreams that wake us up with a confused look on our faces like where in the world did that come from, what did I go to bed thinking about or maybe what did I eat? You then spend 20 minutes placing the pieces together of how your father was a milk man with a room full of dairy cows in the house. That dream was in fact one of my family dreams haha good memories, but onward we go!

Dreams are wonderful, especially when life starts moving in the direction of those dreams, not always, but sometimes life takes a turn towards what you have been wishing for what you have been praying for and when that happens you feel happiness, joy, encouragement and even strength to continue on that path.

Personally my dreams are coming into bloom finally, and to say I am excited would be an understatement I am so ready to see where my dreams are headed and where God is leading me in this life. The trail is slowly becoming visible and I am so excited to begin taking steps towards that ultimate goal. One day I hope to be in a position to be a role model to young people, and to the world. I feel in my heart that somehow some way God has a bigger plan for me then to just work a day job and go home to my family whenever that family part comes into play 😉 .

I have always enjoyed mentoring people and encouraging them and even building them back up when they have fallen down. My wishes are prayers so for me I will take Walt Disney’s old term and change a few words. Dreams are the prayers your heart makes, when your learning who you are.

I have said it before and I will say it again we each are unique we each have different likes, dislikes, goals, desires, dreams, hobbies and skills. Every dreamer has their own dream, no two dreams are exactly alike and to one person your dream might seem strange and to another the coolest idea they have ever heard. Maybe you want to be doctor, lawyer, NBA star, UFC fighter, detective, teacher, musician, whatever it is that is on your heart let no man or woman tell you, you can’t achieve it, hard work and never losing sight of your dreams is the make or break. If the world says its impossible, GOOD prove them wrong trust God that if it in His great plan for your life that He will bring you through it, over it or even around it to achieve it.

It is my desire that this blog can be a reminder to never give up on your dreams and to never throw them away for someone because it will make it easier. Live your life as God intended you to, to be the hands and feet of your generation and to serve the body in the manner God created YOU to do so.

Have a wonderful and blessed day my dear friends.

God Bless,

Lindsay 🙂


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